STREAMS-based Transport Provider Interface

Non-fatal Errors

The non-fatal errors are those that a transport user can correct, and are reported in the form of an error acknowledgment to the appropriate primitive in error. Only those primitives which require acknowledgments may generate a non-fatal error acknowledgment. These acknowledgments always report a syntactical error in the specified primitive when the transport provider receives the primitive. The primitive descriptions above define those primitives and rules regarding the acknowledgment of them. These errors are reported to the transport user via the T_ERROR_ACK primitive, and give the transport user the option of reissuing the transport service primitive that caused the error. The T_ERROR_ACK primitive also indicates to the transport user that no action was taken by the transport provider on receipt of the primitive which caused the error.

These errors do not change the state of the transport service interface as seen by the transport user. The state of the interface after the issuance of a T_ERROR_ACK primitive should be the same as it was before the transport provider received the interface primitive that was in error.

The allowable errors that can be reported on the receipt of a transport initiated primitive are presented in the description of the appropriate primitives.

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