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This is the Changelog for Tomcat Connectors. This changelog does not contain all updates and fixes to the Tomcat connectors (yet). It should contain fixes made only after November 10th 2004, when the new documentation project for JK was started.

Changes between 1.2.24 and 1.2.25

update IIS: Fix shm shutdown behaviour. (rjung)
update General: fail_on_status used in a load balancer can optionally do fail over without putting the failed worker in error state. (rjung)
update NSAPI: Improve build description for Unix. (rjung)
update NSAPI: Add initialization startup message containing JK version. (rjung)
fix General: Declare static functions as static. (jim)
update Documentation: Clarify fail_on_status behaviour. (rjung)
fix General: Do fail_on_status before returning the response headers. (rjung)
update NSAPI: Fix shm shutdown behaviour. (rjung)
update NSAPI: Set return status even if request ended with an error. (rjung)
update NSAPI: Allow using without shm_file on WIN32 and Netware. (rjung)
fix NSAPI: Fix Crash of nsapi for log level debug and unset refect_unsafe. (rjung)
update NSAPI: Improve Solaris and Linux Makefiles for nsapi build. (rjung)
fix Build: Improve pid_t type detection during configure on Solaris. (rjung)
update Build: Experimental build support for gcc on WIN32 and Netware. (fuankg)
update Build: Makefile optimizations for Apache httpd 1.3/Netware . (fuankg)
fix General: Fix missing flush bug introduced in 1.2.24. (rjung)
Changes between 1.2.23 and 1.2.24

update Documentation: Improved description in the reference guide. (rjung)
update Documentation: Add a HowTo about the various timeouts. rjung)
update Logging: add milliseconds to the default timestamp format, if we have gettimeofday(). (rjung)
update Apache: add milliseconds (%Q) and microseconds (%q) as possible JkLogStampFormat conversion specifiers. This does not use strftime(), but needs gettimeofday(). (rjung)
update IIS & Sun: Log service failures also, if return code is negative. (rjung)
fix 42849: Abort startup of Apache httpd 1.3 in case mod_jk initialization failed. We already do the same for Apache httpd 2.x. (rjung)
fix 42849: Refuse to operate with IIS in case the initialization failed. Instead requesting isapi_redirect.dll 500 will be returned to the user. This is as closest as it can get to Apache Httpd where we refuse to start the server in case of fatal initialization errors. (mturk)
fix Load Balancer: Fix a deadlock in lb worker, which was exposed on Solaris for threaded Apache MPMs. (rjung)
update Logging: handle LWP IDs as 32 Bit unsigned. Try to make it work, although pthread IDs are opaque. (rjung)
update JkStatus: Added manipulation of max_reply_timeouts. (rjung)
update LB, Status: Add feature max_reply_timeouts, to make lb tolerant against occasional long running requests. (rjung)
update JkStatus: Added OK/IDLE as the successor of N/A. (rjung)
update Status worker: Renamed runtime states. All states have a major state (OK or ERR) and a substate. Changed the name N/A to OK/IDLE. Added docs about the meaning of the states to the status worker page in the reference guide. No new states have been added to code. (rjung)
update Common: Add recovery options for recovering idempotent http methods HEAD and GET. (rjung)
fix Correct documentation for worker attributes retries and recovery_options. (rjung)
fix Make writing log lines and line endings more atomic. (rjung)
update Common: Refactored and unified jk_map_read_prop* and jk_map_load_prop* for all use cases. (rjung)
update Common/Apache/IIS/Netscape: Add an option to check decoded URLs for potentially malicious constructions. (rjung)
update IIS: Document auth_complete and uri_select. (rjung)
update Apache/IIS/Netscape: Change the default forwarding encoding to the new proxy method. (jfclere, rjung)
update Common: Optionally reencode URIs before forwarding to the backend. Based on the URI reencoding done bei httpd mod_proxy. (jfclere, rjung)
update Common: auto-detect correct print format for pid_t. This fixes at least compiler warnings on Solaris. (rjung)
fix 42608: Handle Content-length as unsigned 64Bit to allow for huge up- and downloads. (rjung)
update Apache: Add forwarding uri to debug log. (rjung)
update Docs: Clarify relation between worker names and jvmRoute for load balancing. (rjung)
fix Use initial zero timeout for jk_is_socket_connected. The resulting detection is the same but offers a huge performance increase with mod_jk. In most cases the Operating System does not favor the 1 microsecond timeout, but it rather rounds that up to much higher value (frequency of interrupt timer which on most systems defaults to 100Hz). Patch provided by David McLaughlin. (mturk)
update NSAPI: Check correct log file and shm file configuration during startup. (rjung)
fix NSAPI: Add support for the general options concerning retries, flushing and connection persistance. (rjung)
fix NSAPI: fix crashes due to use of mount attribute in Changed initialization order. (rjung)
fix Improved handling of libtool and discrepancies between CC env variable and CC used during apache build by configure script. (rjung)
fix Always build with thread support, unless flag --enable-prefork is set during for configure. (rjung)
update Use snprintf/vsnprintf from ap_snprintf.c for platforms other than Windows, which might lack snprintf/vsnprintf implementations when NOT build for Apache httpd 2.x/APR (e.g. Sub Web Server) or without using configure. (fuankg)
update Imported ap_snprintf() from Apache 1.3. (fuankg)
fix Fix incorrect log object cleanup during statup, leading to crashes at least on iSeries. (rjung)
update Add jk_stat() and jk_file_exists() as wrapper functions. i5/OS V5R4 expects filename in ASCII for fopen but requires them in EBCDIC for stat(). (hgomez)
update i5/OS (AS/400) V5R4 port where Apache 2.0 modules should now use UTF8. (hgomez)
update Docs: Add comments on i5/OS build for V5R4 and previous releases. (hgomez)
Changes between 1.2.22 and 1.2.23

update Change the default value of JkOptions to ForwardURICompatUnparsed. The old default value was ForwardURICompat. This should make URL interpretation between Apache httpd and Tomcat consistent (prevent double decoding problems). (rjung)
Changes between 1.2.21 and 1.2.22

fix Refactor line endings logging to make it correct for all platforms and webservers. (mturk)
update Added command line windows make files. (mturk)
update Allow fail_on_status directive to be multi line. (mturk)
fix 42076: Fix name of new option from ForwardCertChain to ForwardSSLCertChain as documented. (rjung)
fix Docs: Fix a couple of typos, change format of a few tables, fix links to news pages. (rjung)
fix Fix correct URL for TC 6 examples in new IIS configuration example file. (rjung)
fix Add svn properties to several files. (rjung)
update Add TC 6 examples to in config examples. (rjung)
update Allow multiple status codes for fail_on_status directive. The status codes can be delimited by space or comma characters. (mturk)
update IIS. Added pcre like regular expressions for url rewrite rules. (mturk)
fix 41922: Apache 1.3. Enable JkEnvVar. (mturk)
update Apache. Add --enable-flock configure parameter for explicit compilation of faster flock() system calls for OS supporting those calls. By default the fcntl system call for locking will be used that is a little bit slower but it can work on NFS mounted volumes as well. (mturk)
fix 41562: Add Debug logging for read from client in ISAPI Redirector. Contributed by Tim Whittington. (mturk)
update Apache. Add ForwardSSLCertChain JkOption. Contributed by Patrik Schnellmann. (mturk)
fix IIS. Do not forbid access to web-inf or meta-inf if there is no mapped worker. This allows to have resource with those names that are outside mapped contexts. (mturk)
update Apache. Use process id for creating shared memory name and delete shared memory and shared memory lock files on exit. (mturk)
fix IIS. Fix Keep-Alive regression introduced in 1.2.21. (mturk)
update Delete unused check for empty init_map during startup. (rjung)
fix 41770: Fix startup error if no JkWorkersFile is used. (rjung)
update Use JK_TRUE/JK_FALSE instead of OK/!OK as return values in init_jk(). (rjung)
update Minor adjustments to apache startup log messages (when to use STDERR, remove deprecated NOERRNO flag, shm warning and warnings for usage of default files). (rjung)
update Replace APR precompiler directive by httpd mpm_query to detect MPM threading. Add a debug log message about auto-detected pool size. (rjung)
fix Make MMN check easier to understand and a little more precise (for new ap_get_server_banner()/ap_get_server_description()). We use the new API only for Apache httpd 2.3. This way our binaries are not tightly coupled to a minor 2.0 version, and we don't use ap_get_server_banner() any way. (rjung)
fix Use the full description string ap_get_server_description() instead of the truncated info from ap_get_server_banner(), because this info gets used internally (status worker display and ajp14 backend communication) and is not send back to the normal user. (rjung)
fix 41757: Document the "--enable-prefork" flag of configure. (rjung)
update Enhance log messages for failures when parsing attribute maps. (rjung)
fix Correct log message during worker initialization, in case remote host could not be resolved. We logged the default host name "localhost" instead of the configured one. (rjung)
fix 41770: Fix the second part of the bug: local_worker and local_worker_only is missing from the list of deprecated attributes (and not supported either), so prevents the web server from startup. (rjung)
Changes between 1.2.20 and 1.2.21

fix CVE-2007-0774 : A denial of service and critical remote code execution vulnerability. Caused by buffer overflow in map_uri_to_worker() when URL were longer that 4095 bytes. Reported by ZDI ( Please note this issue only affected versions 1.2.19 and 1.2.20 of the Apache Tomcat JK Web Server Connector and not previous versions. Tomcat 5.5.20 and Tomcat 4.1.34 included a vulnerable version in their source packages. Other versions of Tomcat were not affected.
add Check the worker. parameters and don't start if the parameter is not a valid one. (jfclere)
add 41439: Allow session IDs to get stripped off URLs of static content in Apache by adding JkStripSession directive (configurable per vhost). (mturk)
add Change semantics of empty defaults for JkEnvVar variables. Until 1.2.19: not allowed. In 1.2.20: send variables as empty strings, if neither set to non empty in config, nor during runtime. Starting with 1.2.21: If config has no second argument only send variable if set (even when set to empty string) during runtime. Allows good combination with condition attribute in tomcat access log. (rjung)
fix 41610: Fix incorrect detection of missing Content-Length header leading to duplicate headers. Contributed by Boris Maras. (rjung)
fix Better build support for SunONE (Netscape/iPlanet) webservers. (jim)
add Add warning if duplicate map keys are read and are not allowed, e.g. when parsing (rjung)
fix Don't concat worker names, if has a duplicate pattern, instead overwrite the worker. (rjung)
fix Log deprecation message even in duplication case. (rjung)
fix Fix off-by-one problem when deleting URL mapping during reloading of (rjung)
add 41439: Allow session IDs to get stripped off URLs of static content in IIS (configurable). (rjung)
add 41333: Refactoring isapi_plugin configuration reading. (rjung)
add 41332: Add some more errno logging and unify the format. (rjung)
add JkStatus: Improved logging by adding status worker name to messages. Added messages to the recover worker action. (rjung)
add JkStatus: Refactoring searching for workers and sub workers. (rjung)
add 41318: Add configuration to make status worker user name checks case insensitive. (rjung)
add JkStatus: Add estimated time until next global maintenance to other mime types and adopt jkstatus ant task. (rjung)
add JkStatus: Show estimated time until next global maintenance. Change displayed time until next recovery to a min/max pair. (rjung)
add JkStatus: Allow a user of a read/write status worker to switch it to and from read_only mode temporarily. (rjung)
fix JkStatus: Do not show read/write commands in a read_only status worker. (rjung)
add JkStatus: Allow lb sub workers in error state to be marked for recovery administratively from the status worker. (rjung)
add Load Balancer: Do not try to recover multiple times in parallel. Use additional runtime states "PROBE" and "FORCED". (rjung)
fix JkStatus: Improve data synchronization between different processes. (rjung)
fix 41381: Fix segfault in feature fail_on_status (wrong order of log arguments). Patch by Juri Haberland. (rjung)
fix Use correct windows line endings for log file on WIN32 platform. (rjung)
Changes between 1.2.19 and 1.2.20

add JkStatus Ant Task documentation page. (pero/rjung)
add JkStatus Ant Tasks: Add new tasks for update and reset. (pero)
update JkStatus Ant Tasks: Update for new xml status format. (pero)
update Allow integer and string values when setting enumeration/boolean attributes via status worker update action. (rjung)
add Docs: New reference guide page for status worker. (rjung)
update Docs: Renaming the config dir to reference and using the title Reference Guide in the docs. (rjung)
update Added retry_on_status for workers directive. (mturk)
update Status Worker: Add directive to make property prefix and good/bad rule configurable. (rjung)
update Status Worker: Omit lb members when att=nosw. (rjung)
update Status Worker: New command cmd=version for a short version output. (rjung)
update Status Worker: New output stype mime=prop produces property lists. (rjung)
fix Apache: Fix incorrect handling of JkEnvVar when Vars are set multiple times. (rjung)
update Renamed jvm_route to route. Deprecated jvm_route, but still use it as fallback when parsing the worker configuration. (rjung)
update IIS: Make uriworkermap file reload check interval configurable. (mturk)
update Apache: Make uriworkermap file reload check interval configurable. (rjung)
update Status Worker: Add directives for customizing the XML output (ns, xmlns, doctype). (mturk)
add Docs: New page with description of uriworkermap. (rjung)
update Docs: Added short description of max_packet_size to worker reference. (rjung)
update Status Worker: All functions accessible also for xml and txt mime types (list, show, update, reset). (rjung)
update Status Worker: New global health indicators for load balancers named bad (error, recovering or stopped), degraded (busy or disabled) and good (the rest, active and OK or N/A). (rjung)
update Status Worker: New edit page, to change one attribute for all members of a load balancer. (rjung)
update Status Worker: Standard logging for status worker. (rjung)
update Status Worker: code refactoring. (rjung)
update Status Worker: New attribute user (list) denies access, if the request user in the sense of remote_user is not in this list. Empty list = no deny (rjung)
update Status Worker: New attribute read_only disables the parts of the status worker, that change states and configurations. (rjung)
fix 36121: Don't change main uri when mod_jk serves included uri. (markt)
update Apache VHosts: Merge JkOptions +base - -base + +vhost - -vhost. (rjung)
update Apache Docs: Adding requirements, context information, default values and inheritance rules to the Apache config documentation. (rjung)
update Status Worker: Add source type to status worker, remove the redundant "context" column in the map listing (context=uri). (rjung)
update uriworkermap: On reload of the file, all old entries from the previous file version get deleted, before the new ones are being read. (rjung)
fix Keep normal maps and exclusion maps internally separate. Don't treat them as the same when adding a rule. (rjung)
update Status Worker: Display mapping rules also for non-lb workers and in global view. (rjung)
update Apache VHosts: Use the vhost log files instead of the main log. (rjung)
update Apache VHosts: Allow individual timestamp formats by refactoring the formatting method. (rjung)
update Apache VHosts: Adding all missing config items to the virtual host level. Don't overwrite the settings from the global server, but inherit them in case they are not set in the virtual host. (rjung)
update Apache: remove unnecessary function names from log messages. (rjung)
update Apache: add a default log file location and a message, if the default gets used. (rjung)
update Apache: add missing JK_IS_DEBUG_LEVEL() (rjung)
update Apache VHosts: Allow JkWorkersFile, JKWorkerProperty, JkShmFile and JkShmFileSize only in global virtual server. (rjung)
update Add some more jk_close_socket() and reduce log level for some info messages. (rjung)
update Load Balancer: Added the Sessions strategy. Contributed by Takayuki Kaneko. (rjung)
update Docs: Minor enhancements and syncing with more recent versions. (rjung)
fix 40997: Separate uri mappings from their '!' counterpart when checking for duplicates in uriworkermap reloading. (rjung)
fix 40877: Make sure the shared memory is reset on attach for multiple web server child processes. (mturk)
update IIS: Added shm_size property to be able to deal with over 64 workers configurations. (mturk)
update IIS: Increase default thread count to 250, so its the same as Apache Httpd default configuration. (mturk)
fix 40966: Fix socket descriptor checks on windows. (mturk)
fix 40965: Initialize missing service parameters. (mturk)
fix 40938: Fix releasing of rewrite map. Thanks to Chris Adams for spotting that. (mturk)
update Apache: Added +FlushHeader JkOptions. (mturk)
update Added explicit flush when AJP body packet size is zero. (mturk)
fix 40856: Fixing case sensitivity bug in URL mapping. (rjung)
fix 40793: Documentation: Improvements to Apache HowTo provided by Paul Charles Leddy. (markt)
fix 40774: Fixing wrong recursion termination. This one restricted the "reference" feature unintentionally to 20 workers. (rjung)
fix 40716: Adding "reference" feature to IIS and Netscape. (rjung)
fix Documentation: Corrected SetEnvIf syntax in JK_WORKER_NAME example. (rjung)
fix Documentation: Added forgotten STATE and ACTIVATION notes for load balancer logging in Apache. (rjung)
update Apache: Use instead libtool: libtool does not work on HP-UX for example. (jfclere)
Changes between 1.2.18 and 1.2.19

update Docs: Add SetHandler and new env var to Apache config docs. (rjung)
update Apache 1.3: Backport "no-jk" feature. (rjung)
update Apache: Add an environment variable to make SetHandler "jakarta-servlet" more useful. The variable is JK_WORKER_NAME, but can be changed by the new directive JkWorkerIndicator. (rjung)
fix LB: Don't use single worker shortcut, if the single worker is being diabled. (rjung)
fix Status worker: Add short explanation of activation and error states to legend. (rjung)
fix Docs: Add meaning of zero timeout values for various timeouts in (rjung)
fix LB: Cleanup of Mladens forced recovery. (rjung)
fix LB: Do not change lb_value for recovering workers to max, if we are using BUSYNESS method. (rjung)
fix Apache: Since 1.2.14 mod_jk failed to detect client abort. (rjung)
fix Docs: Corrected description of JkEnvVar. (rjung)
fix Solaris: Detect filio.h in configure to make the new connection detection build on solaris (r432825). (rjung)
update Add feature to force the recovery of workers that are member of loadbalancer if all the members are in error state. This fixes the time gap where 503 was returned caused by recovery_timeout although the backend was ready to handle the requests. (mturk)
update Docs: Seperate deprecated directives in their own table. (rjung)
update Docs: Allow "-" and "_" in worker names. (rjung)
update Allow multiple lines with attributes "balance_workers" and "mount". (rjung)
fix Make jk_is_some_property match more precisely. (rjung)
update JkStatus: Make refresh interval changeable. (rjung)
fix JkStatus: Adjust display of recover time wrt. global maintenance. (rjung)
update LB: Resetting worker state from OK to NA, if worker has been idle too long. (rjung)
fix Avoid compiler warnings concerning the use of lb_*_type arrays. Use functions instead. (rjung)
update Added %R JkRequestLogFormat option for Apache 1 and Apache 2. (mturk)
update Allow changing jvm Route from status manager. (mturk)
fix Do not retun 400 if Tomcat fails in the midle of the post request. Return 500 insted. (mturk)
update LB: Combine ok/error/recovering/busy runtime states into a single scalar. (rjung)
update LB: Combine active/disabled/stopped configuration states into a single scalar. (rjung)
update LB: Add several Apache notes to enable standard logging for load balancer results. (rjung)
update LB: Reorganisation of the main load balancer service loop. (rjung)
update Implement hierarchical worker configuration via attribute "reference". (rjung)
update Log deprecated properties. (rjung)
fix IIS: Fix simple_rewrite for the cases where the rewritten url is larger then the original one. (mturk)
update New JkOption "DisableReuse" to disable connection persistence. (jim)
update LB: Move sessionid retrieval out of get_most_suitable_worker into service. (rjung)
update Code cleanup for all service methods (use TRACE, JK_LOG_NULL_PARAMS, null pointer checks). (rjung)
update JKSTATUS: add refresh link. No refresh for updates. Redirect to list view after update. (rjung)
update Add new hook add_log_items into servers. (rjung)
update APACHE httpd: Rename apache logging notes. (rjung)
update LB: Rename lock and method constants. Add constants for defaults. (rjung)
fix Default log level should be INFO and not DEBUG. Default log level should be the same for all server types. (rjung)
fix Make rewrite_rule_map and log_level as non mandatory directives for isapi_redirect. (mturk)
fix 40107: Rewrite is_socket_connected function. Non blocking socket is not used any more. (mturk)
update Allow building with VS2005 without too many warnings. (mturk)
fix Decide by MMN, which piped log API we should use. mod_jk 1.2.18 broke compilation with Apache 1.3 pre 1.3.28. (rjung)
Changes between 1.2.17 and 1.2.18

fix Using socklen_t in getsockopt. Also introducing jk_sock_t. (mturk)
update Allow recovery wait time below 60 seconds (new minimum is 1 second). (mturk)
Changes between 1.2.16 and JK 1.2.17

fix Fix hanging jk status worker when certain attributes are being updated due to double locking. (rjung)
update Allow JkMount to behave like by parsing pipe symbol as two directive marker. (mturk)
Changes between 1.2.15 and JK 1.2.16

update Added simple rewrite capability for IIS. Although simple it will fulfill most needs. (mturk)
update Added RECOVER_ABORT_IF_CLIENTERROR recovery_option that closes the connection if client connection is broken during the request. (mturk)
update Renamed cache_timeout directive to connection_pool_timeout. (mturk)
update Added connection_pool_minsize directive. (mturk)
update Deprecate recycle_timeout directive. (mturk)
update Corrected some HTML syntax bugs in output of status worker. (rjung)
update Added the refresh=n parameter to the status worker. It will update the display every n seconds. (rjung)
update Balancer: Add attribute distance to balanced workers to express preferences between workers. (rjung)
update Balancer: Add attribute jvm_route to balanced workers to be able to use the same target in different balancers. (rjung)
update Status: Add lb_mult to status. (rjung)
update Balancer: Make different balancing strategies work in a similar way (use lb_value, use decay during global maintenance, use integer factors for weights. (rjung)
update Balancer: Improve locking. (rjung)
update Balancer: Workers start slower after recovering. (rjung)
update Balancer: Make different balancing strategies work in a similar way (use lb_value, use decay during global maintenance, use integer factors lb_mult for weights). (rjung)
update Balancer: Move recovery check to global maintenance. (rjung)
update Balancer: Add global maintenance method, that is called in only one process. (rjung)
update Extend our use of autoconf to find a 32Bit and a 64Bit unsigned type and their printf formats. (rjung)
update Logging: piped loggers for JkLogFile and Apache 1.3. (rjung)
update Logging: Add PID to log lines for each log level apart from REQUEST. (rjung)
update Logging: flush buffered logs to keep lines in correct order. Output final newline together with log message. (rjung)
update Reducing shm size. (rjung)
update Only log removing of old worker, when we actually do it. (rjung)
fix 37469: Fix shared memory close for forked childs. The shared memory will be closed by the parent process. (mturk)
fix 37332: Fix potential misuse of buffer length with snprintf functions. (mturk)
fix 38859: Protect mod_jk against buggy or malicious AJP servers in the backend. Patch provided by Ruediger Pluem. (mturk)
fix 38889: Use worker map sorting depending on the path elements, to comply with Servlet spec. Patch provided by Steve Revilak. (mturk)
update 36138: Added Busyness lb method. Patch provided by Chris Lamprecht. (mturk)
fix Fix pessimistic locking mode. The patch correctly handles the burst load, by syncing the access to the shared memory data. (mturk)
fix 38806: Reclycle worker even if it is disabled. This fixes hot-standby workers in error state. (mturk)
fix 37167: Allow building with BSD-ish like make. (mturk)
fix ISAPI plugin (isapi_redirect.dll) did not provide correct request data for IIS to include in the IIS log. (markt)
Changes between 1.2.14 and 1.2.15

fix Fix AJP13 Cookie2 parsing. Cookie2 was always send as Cookie. Patch provided by Andre Gebers. (mturk)
fix 35862: NSAPI plugin attempts to read freed memory and attempts to dereference a null pointer. Patch provided by Brian Kavanagh. (markt)
Changes between 1.2.13 and 1.2.14

fix Fix lb for worker mpm's with cachesize set to lower number then ThreadsPerChild is. If retries is set to value larger then 3 sleep for 100 ms on each attempt. This enables to tune the connection cache, and serialize incoming connections instead returning busy if connection count is larger then cachesize. (mturk)
fix 36525: Solaris core dump. (mturk)
fix 36102: Worker actions do not persist. (mturk)
fix 35864: Status worker doesn't list workers. Patch provided by Martin Goldhahn. (mturk)
fix 35809: JkMountCopy don't work for Apache 2.0 Patch provided by Christophe Dubach. (mturk)
fix 35298: Multiple JK/ISAPI redirectors on a single IIS site are not supported Patch provided by Tim Whittington. (mturk)
Changes between 1.2.12 and 1.2.13

fix 34397: Emergency was handled as Error. (jfclere)
fix 34474: // in URL were not handled correctly with Apache-1.3. (jfclere)
fix Use 64 bits int for transferred/read bytes.
update Added JkOptions +FlushPackets used to optimize memory usage when sending large data. (mturk)
update Added lock directive for load balancer that allows more acurate load balancing in case of burst load. (mturk)
update Added worker.maintain directive to allow customizing default 10 second timeout. On busy servers this value needs to be set on higher value. (mturk)
fix Fix for NetWare compiler to deal with different types between AP13 and AP2 SDKs. (fuankg)
update Emit much more legible user.dmp crash analysis output for WIN32. (wrowe)
fix 34558: Fix first failover request. (mturk)
Changes between 1.2.11 and 1.2.12

update Added ForwardLocallAddres JkOptions flag for passing local instead remote address. Useful for remote addr valve. (mturk)
fixFix that worker not used, when stopped flag is true. (pero)
update Add loadbalance default worker secret attribute to the documentation (pero)
Changes between 1.2.10 and 1.2.11

fixBackport SC_M_JK_STORED from JK2 for passing arbitrary methods instead failing the request. (mturk)
fixAdded missing SEARCH and ACL http methods. (mturk)
update Add worker secret attribute to the documentation (pero)
update Add a stopped flag to worker configuration. Set flag True and complete traffic to worker is stopped. Also update the Ant JkStatusUpdateTask at Tomcat 5.5.10 release. Only usefull in a replicated session cluster.(pero)
updateAdded worker maintain function that will maintain all the workers instead just the current one. This enables to recycle the connections on all workers. (mturk)
updateUse shutdown when recycling connections instead hard breaking the socket. (mturk)
updateAdd unique directives checking. The directives if unique are now overwritten instead concatenated. (mturk)
updateAllow multiple worker.list directives. (mturk)
fix 34577: For IIS log original request instead loging the request for ISAPI extension. (mturk)
fix 34558: Make sure the returned status codes are the same for ajp and lb workers. (mturk)
fix 34423: Use APR_USE_FLOCK_SERIALIZE for setting log lock on platforms like FreeBSD. Patch provided by Allan Saddi. (mturk)
fix 33843: Fix obtaining LDFLAGS that were used for building Apache HTTPD. Patch provided by Beat Kneubuehl. (mturk)
fix 34358: Enable load balancer method configuration. (glenn)
fix 34357: In some situations Apache 2 mod_jk could segfault when the JkAutoAlias directive is used. (glenn)
update Add --enable-prefork to the documentation (pero)
Changes between 1.2.9 and 1.2.10

updateSet default shared memory to 64K instead 1M. (mturk)
fixDo not mark the worker in error state if headers are larger then AJP13 limit. (mturk)
update On Series you should use the latest PTF for Apache 2.0 (which is now 2.0.52) and ad minima SI17402/SI17061 or cumulative including them. (hgomez)
update Change the xml status format to xml attribute syntax (pero)
fix 33248: Fix builds where apxs defines multiple directories for APR includes. (mturk)
fix 32696: Return 404 instead 403 when WEB-INF is requested to comply with Servlet spec. (mturk)
updateAdded ANT task for managing jkstatus. (pero)
update If socket_timeout is set, check if socket is alive before sending any request to Tomcat. (mturk)
update Added JkMountFile for Apache web servers. This file can contain uri mappings in the form (/url=worker), and is checked for updates at regular 60 second interval. (mturk)
update Added status worker for managing worker runtime data using web page. (mturk)
update Added load balancer method directive that is used for setting the algorithm used for balancing workers. Method can be either Request (default) or Traffic. (mturk)
update Added shared memory to allow dynamic configuration. Shared memory is needed only for unix platform and web servers having multiple child processes. For Apache web server two new directives has been added (JkShmFile and JkShmSize). (mturk)
update Added textupdate mode to status worker to handle remote updates from ant tasks.(pero)
fix 33562: Fix Reply_timeout when recovery_options is larger than 1. Patch provided by Takashi Satou. (mturk)
fix 33308: Fix segfaults when ForwardDirectories is enabled with Apache 1.3
Changes between 1.2.7 and 1.2.8

update Allow anyone to debug and diagnose stack dumps using windbg or any other debugging tool, and (if they add the .pdb files to their installation) to make sense of dr watson logs. Patch provided by William A. Rowe (wrowe)
fix Fix in_addr_t usage by using the real struct ignoring typedef. Patch provided by William A. Rowe (wrowe)
fix Fix url rewriting by restoring the in place uri from which the jsessionid was removed. (mturk)
update Make load balancer algorithm thread safe by introducing mutex to the load balancer worker. (mturk)
fix Fix sending error pages for IIS to client by adding Content-Type header using correct api function call. (mturk)
fix 32696: Prevent IIS from crushing when web-inf url was requested. (mturk)
update Use default cachesize for servers that support discovering the number of threads per child process. (mturk).
fix Fix Apache content-length header parsing using case insensitive compare. (billbarker)
fix Fix parsing AJP headers using case insensitive compare. (mturk)
fix Use infinite socket timeout if socket_timeout is set to zero or less then zero. (mturk)
update Change balanced_workers to balance_workers but keep backward compatibility preserving the old directive. (mturk).
fix Fix ajp initialization for workers with cache_size set to zero. (mturk)
update 32317: Making mod_jk replication aware (Clustering Support). Patch provided by Rainer Jung. (mturk).
fix 31132: Core dump when JkLogFile is missing from conf. (mturk)
Changes between 1.2.6 and 1.2.7

update Added new property named recover_time that can be used to change the default 60 second recover time. (mturk)
update Added custom retries for worker, so we don't depend on default setting. If set to a number grater then 3, it will sleep for 100ms on retry greater then 3 and then try again. (mturk)
update Added JkWorkerProperty directive that enables omiting file. For example: JkWorkerProperty worker.ajp13a.port=8009. (mturk)
fix Check all JSESSIONID cookies for a valid jvmRoute. If you have multiple Tomcats with overlapping domains, then you can get multiple cookies without a defined order. This will route correctly as long as the different domains don't have any Tomcats in common. (billbarker)
update Added JkUnMount directive for negative mappings that works as opposite to JkMount directives. It is used for blocking of particular URL or content type. (mturk)
update Added wildchar match uri mappings. One can now use JkMount to map /app/*/servlet/* or /app?/*/*.jsp. (mturk)
update Rewrite the logging by adding Trace options. (mturk)
update Added socket_timeout property that sets the timeout for the socket itself. (mturk)
fix Changed socket_timeout property to recycle_timeout. This better explains what the directive actually does. (mturk)
fix Changed the load balancer algorithm. The idea behind this new scheduler is the following: lbfactor is how much we expect this worker to work, or the worker's work quota. lbstatus is how urgent this worker has to work to fulfill its quota of work. We distribute each worker's work quota to the worker, and then look which of them needs to work most urgently (biggest lbstatus). This worker is then selected for work, and its lbstatus reduced by the total work quota we distributed to all workers. Thus the sum of all lbstatus does not change.(*) If some workers are disabled, the others will still be scheduled correctly. (mturk)
JK 2

JK2 has been put in maintainer mode and no further development will take place. The reason for shutting down JK2 development was the lack of developers interest. Other reason was lack of users interest in adopting JK2, caused by configuration complexity when compared to JK.

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