Troubleshooting and tuning NFS

Clearing server problems

When the network or server has problems, programs that access hard mounted remote files will fail differently than those that access soft mounted remote files. Hard mounted remote resources cause the client's kernel to retry the requests until the server responds again. Soft mounted remote resources cause the client's system calls to return an error after trying for a while. mount is like any other program: if the server for a remote resource fails to respond, and the hard option has been used, the kernel retries the mount until it succeeds.

When a resource is hard mounted, a program that tries to access it hangs if the server fails to respond. In this case, NFS displays the message

   NFS server hostname not responding, still trying
on the console. When the server finally responds, the message
   NFS server hostname ok
appears on the console.

Any program accessing a soft mounted resource whose server is not responding may or may not check the return conditions. If it does, it prints an error message in the form

   ... hostname server not responding: RPC: Timed out

To clear server problems, do the following:

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