Using NFS on a server

Editing the dfstab file

Use the dfstab file to list all the resources that your server shares with its clients and to control which clients may mount a resource. If you want to modify dfstab to add or delete a resource or modify the way sharing is done, edit the file with your text editor. The next time the machine enters init state 3, the system reads the updated dfstab to determine which resources should be shared automatically.

Each line in the file consists of a share command -- the same command you enter at the command line to share a resource explicitly. When it is used to share a resource over NFS, it has the following syntax:

share [-F nfs] [-o specific-options] [-d description] pathname

See the share(1Mnfs) manual page for details.

You can omit the -F option if the first line in /etc/dfs/fstypes is

   nfs    Network File System Utilities: Version x.x
or if NFS is the only Distributed File System (DFS) package installed. If NFS is the only DFS package installed, it becomes the default for the -F option.

If you enter the -d option, the description is stored in your sharetab file. However, clients will not see the description displayed when they use the dfshares command to list the resources shared on your system.

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