Using the graphical interface of debug

Debugging multiple processes

If you create two or more processes in a pipeline, or if a process you are debugging forks, you will see more than one process displayed in the ``Process pane''. Since the ``Stack pane'', ``Symbol pane'', and other panes display the state of only one process at a time, they always display the information for the current process (the one with the pointing hand next to it). To see the stack, source, etc. for another process, you may make it current by selecting the entry in the Process pane and clicking on the ``Set current'' button in the ``File menu'' of the Process window. You may also run, step, or create an event in a non-current process by selecting it before clicking on the appropriate button in the Process window's menus.

An alternative to selecting processes and flipping back and forth between current and non-current processes is to make each process the current process in its own window set. To do that, select the process and click on the ``New Window Set'' button in the ``File menu''. A new Source Window (or whatever windows are specified to be automatically popped up) will appear with the selected process displayed in its Status pane. You can also move a process from one existing window set to another by selecting the process, dragging it, and dropping it on a window in the second window set.

The windows in a window set, and all their popup windows and menus, display the same number in their titles (except for the first window set, which does not display a number). The windows in a set all operate on the same current process, and each process belongs to exactly one window set. By putting multiple processes in separate window sets, you can view the state of each process simultaneously, and manipulate them independently.

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