quota_vxfs - display user disk quotas and usage on a VERITAS File System


quota [ -F vxfs ]
quota [ -v] [ username ]


quota displays vxfs disk and usage limits for the given user. Users can view their own limits. Only a privileged user can supply the optional username argument to view limits of other users.

quota without options displays only warnings if the usage is above quota limits for mounted vxfs file systems.

username can be the numeric UID of a user.


-F vxfs
Specify the vxfs file system type. If -F vxfs is not specified heuristics similiar to those used by fstyp(1M) are used to determine the file system type.
This command executes faster if it is not required to autodetect file system types. If possible, specify -F vxfs

Display the user's quotas on all mounted vxfs file systems where quotas exist.


quota does not report quotas for NFS mounted vxfs file systems.


Table of mounted file systems.


edquota_vxfs(1M), fstyp(1M), quotaon_vxfs(1M), repquota_vxfs(1M)

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