repquota_vxfs - summarize quotas for a VERITAS File System


repquota [ -F vxfs ]
repquota [ -v ] filesystem...
repquota -a [-v ]


repquota prints a summary of quotas and the disk usage for a given vxfs file system. The current disk usage values for number of files, amount of space (in kilobytes), and the quota limit are printed for each user on the file system.

The file system may or may not have quotas on, but it should have a quotas file in the root directory of the file system.


-F vxfs
Specify the vxfs file system type. If -F vxfs is not specified heuristics similiar to those used by fstyp(1M) are used to determine the file system type.
This command executes faster if it is not required to autodetect file system types. If possible, specify -F vxfs

Report summaries on all mounted vxfs file systems with the quota mount option set in the /etc/vfstab file.

Report quotas for all users (including those who do not consume any resources on the file system).


Table of file system defaults.


edquota_vxfs(1M), fstyp(1M), quota_vxfs(1M), quotaon_vxfs(1M)

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