Using NFS on a server

Sharing a set of NFS resources with the shareall command

The shareall command allows you to share a set of resources, as follows:

  1. Create a file that lists the resources you want to share. Each entry in this file must have the same syntax as the NFS-specific share command and the entries in the dfstab file, as follows:

    share [-F nfs] [-o specific_options] [-d description] [pathname]

  2. Once you create the file, specify it as the input file (file) when you enter the shareall command as follows:

    shareall [-F nfs] [file]

    If you do not specify an input file, the /etc/dfs/dfstab file is used by default.

See the shareall(1M) manual page for more details, and ``Example: sharing a set of resources'' for an illustration of the shareall command in use.

Example: sharing a set of resources

You need to share the same set of resources on a fairly regular basis, but you do not want the resources to be shared automatically.

  1. Create an input file called misc that looks like this:
    #cat misc
    share -F nfs -o ro,rw=artdept /export/graphics
    share -F nfs /usr/man
    share -F nfs -o rw,ro=dancer,root=jogger:jumper /local

  2. To share the resources listed in the misc file, type

    shareall misc

shareall will execute every line in misc.
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